My name is Mary, and I am a former vegetarian who has struggled with digestive issues, moral issues and weight issues surrounding food. I love to cook and LOVE to eat, and have been adjusting my diet around these three issues my entire adult life. This blog is to share fun Juicing and Paleo recipes.

In 2006 I became a vegetarian after a severe bout of salmonella poisoning. Not being satisfied with salads for most meals, my vegetarian intake wasn’t balanced and I now believe it’s nearly impossible to get the levels of protein a body really requires to feel sated and perform at it’s best [as a vegetarian] without fake-food supplements. I was on a steady weight increase since becoming a vegetarian, and watched my weight climb 30 lbs. I was having random rashes during the day that the doctors and allergists said weren’t related to anything specific except perhaps stress.

Hoping an increase in protein would be the answer I returned to poultry and seafood but was still having painful stomach cramps, gas, bloating, daily hives and my acid reflux returned. My fiancee recommended a book that his friend was into called ‘Wheat Belly‘ by William Davis. It is really worth a read: the gist is that wheat is a poison which has been genetically modified to grow despite heavy pesticides, weather and terrain. The genetic modifications made to meet demand have made the actual wheat stalk completely different from what our grandparents ate, and the rapid genetic modifications were never tested for negative effect on humans; hence the rise of celiac disease, obesity, heart disease and digestive issues. Our DNA simply could not adapt quickly enough to the massive changes our world of agriculture & technology have seen over the past 100 years.

When you first cut out wheat, it feels like there isn’t much you’re allowed to eat during the day as so many breakfast and lunch foods are wheat-based (sandwiches, bagels, muffins, wraps, pancakes, waffles, crepes, croissants, paninis, burgers, ETC!) After 30 days, it gets easier – even if you are a healthy eater you start getting back to basics and cutting out processed food.

Still having stomach issues, I decided to cut out dairy. I always thought that it would be impossible to give up cheese, and it turns out there’s an addictive property to cheese similar to opiates that could be part of the reason, check out this interesting article on Discovery. Just looking at that picture makes my mouth water! But perhaps finally realizing why it was difficult to give up cheese helped me subconsciously as it’s been 2 easy months now dairy-free.

At this point, my dietary restrictions included: no mammals, no wheat, no dairy – I’ve turned into ‘the pickiest eater on the planet’. After 3 weeks of no dairy and still not seeing much difference in my health, digestion or skin, I was turned onto Paleo living through some research and decided it wasn’t a big stretch to give it a try. Further restrictions included no sugar, rice, potatoes, corn, peanuts or legumes. Having lived on rice cakes, ramen noodles, peanut butter and  microwaved popcorn through college, it seemed like a severe punishment to take my diet to this extreme.

ENTER PALEO  I decided to take the plunge, and just in time for no Halloween candy (GAH), I am entering my third week on the Paleo diet. I’ve pulled out my juicer, made some amazingly satisfying meals including [the BEST thing I ever ate – recipe coming soon] and have dropped 4 lbs.

My fiancee Scott encouraged me to start up a blog to share some of my meal ideas with the world, in his words “I actually love it when you start on a new diet, you come up with some yummy meals. You should start a blog!” ❤

So I dedicate this blog to Scott.

Mary & Scott, July 2012

I hope you find some fun ideas – be sure to contact me if you have any feedback!

NEW TO PALEO? Learn about it here

Mary Mac
25 October 2012


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